FlexSystem Welcome

Welcome to TASC and your FlexSystem Plan!

Getting started is easy. Please follow these steps...

1. Download and adopt your FlexSystem Plan Document.

This is very important! In order for this Plan to be tax advantaged, the IRS requires an employer to have an individual authorized by the employer’s corporate charter or bylaws to officially adopt the Cafeteria Plan. To do so, download the document(s), the adoption instructions and complete Article XI as instructed. Keep the documents for your records. Do not return to TASC.

2. Register for a FlexSystem New Client Webinar.

As part of our New FlexSystem Client on-boarding process, we offer a complementary training session. This interactive session helps ensure the success of your Plan right from the start. It provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about your new Plan and explains how to use many critical administrative features, including  enrollment and payroll contribution processes, general account changes, and much more!

You will need your 12-digit TASC ID number when registering. Training session times appear in Central Standard Time, so be sure to adjust for your time zone when marking your calendar.

If no available FlexSystem training session works with your schedule, we will make every effort to accommodate an individual training session that does. To schedule an alternate session, please email and provide two available dates and times. Once scheduled, an email will be sent to confirm your appointment.

3. Confirm that your Plan is set up as you intend.

To do so, simply go to MyTASC Login (upper right corner of this page) and log in to the MyTASC FlexSystem website.

Once logged in, click Plan Management and Details to view your Plan specifics. Verify the information is accurate and complete. This must be done for each Plan if you have more than one. This step is critical to ensure your Plan is accurately set up: Verify all data under Plan Management, including payroll dates for the Plan Year.

4. Download important materials.

5. Inform and educate your employees.

  • Distribute educational materials to your employees (print documents or email links). Visit the FlexSystem Participant Documents page to find flyers and videos featuring FSA benefits, carryover, online enrollment, MyTASC Mobile, eligible expenses, prescription order form, TASC Card, and MyCash.
  • Announce enrollment dates and instructions.
  • Help employees figure out their potential savings with the FlexSystem Savings Calculator.

6. If you elected Post Payment Substantiation, download these addendums.

The addendums explain the automated notification process when substantiation is required for a TASC Card transaction and how to substantiate those transactions.

7. To learn more about TASC administration, watch these helpful presentations.

We look forward to servicing your FlexSystem Plan! If you have any questions, simply login to MyTASC, click on Contact Us, and complete a Service Request. Most service requests are addressed within two business days. You may also call Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661. Please have your 12-digit TASC ID available when contacting us.