PayPath Time and Attendance

Protect your most limited resources: Your time.

Using a timekeeping solution can streamline your operation in a number of ways. You can:

  • Reduce overpayment of long breaks, early departures and late arrivals
  • Streamline time, attendance and payroll processing
  • Properly apply company policies to time transaction
  • Objectively enforce policies for entire work force
  • Focus on your core competencies.

Cost-cutting measures are on the clock.

It all begins with PayPath conducting a brief evaluation of your system needs. We then recommend a Time and Attendance solution that will seamlessly share information with your Online Payroll.

All solutions are user-friendly, scalable and can be used over networks, intranets, stand-alone or with other devices.

Time(keeping) equals money.

The American Payroll Association (APA) has declared numerous ways in which companies are hurting their profitability by not implementing today’s automated timekeeping technology.

Manual vs. Automated Timekeeping

Compare the different processes involved with Manual versus Automated Timekeeping.

  • Is your company taking the time to handle, approve and total each employee’s time card or can it be done in a matter of seconds?
  • Do your employees write down their punch times, giving their best approximation for in and out times, or does your system track the very minute your employees clock in and out?
  • Is your company vulnerable to human error when calculating one of your greatest expenses – labor costs – or is your system instant, error-free and automated?
  • Could you significantly reduce your cost of labor?

Three ways manual timekeeping drives up costs

  • Human Error: The APA estimates that the rate of human error in time card preparation and totaling is between 1% and 8%. Therefore, a conservative 2% error rate on a $12,000 payroll would equal $240 in erroneous wages.
  • Wasted Labor Minutes: Did you know that just 15 employees receiving pay for merely 4 minutes of “wasted” time per day [untracked breaks, extended lunches, over-approximated punch times, etc.] will total 1380 minutes [23 hours] of additional pay per month?
  • Manual Time Card Totaling: The average payroll clerk spends 7 minutes per time card each pay period:
  • Preparing and handling time cards
  • Computing time card totals
  • Verifying time card totals
  • Computing shift and department totals
  • Reconstructing lost or damaged time cards.

Here’s an example of how much that will cost you: Preparing 100 time cards will take an estimated 11.67 hours to complete. Therefore, at an average clerical wage of $15.00 per hour, time card preparation would cost $175.05 per pay period.


Solutions shaped to your work environment.

Our Time and Attendance solutions help employers effectively manage attendance while seamlessly sharing this information with Online Payroll. Our data collection options save time, money and resources and can be tailored to meet your specific work environment.

All of our data collection options offer ease of use and scalability. Each can be used over networks and intranets, alone or in conjunction with other devices.

Badge Terminals

Badge Terminals track employee labor via a mountable time clock unit. Employees can clock in/out with the swipe of a badge, through a personal PIN code or a SSN.

Employees may also use the online Web service with Badge Terminals. To create a more complete time tracking system, all other time collection devices may be added to the system.

Eliminate the costly expense of “buddy punching” by adding Print Reader to your Time Clock system. Print Reader is an add-on biometric device for Time Clock that offers the Finger Reader sophistication of biometric labor tracking with the simplicity of “plug and play” hardware.

Web-Enabled/Browser Based

Reduce the cost of ownership and streamline the process of upgrading by delivering employee interaction over the Web. Employees can access the information they need by utilizing Web-enabled devices such as a cell phone or Palm/PDA devices as well.

Telephone Based

Use the convenience of a telephone as a powerful time tracking tool that can integrate with all other timekeeping solutions. Caller ID verification will permit management to control and audit punch activity.

Flex Clock

Channel all your timekeeping needs through one flexible solution. Flex Clock offers functionality for a variety of technologies, including biometrics and telephony punching. Above all, Flex Clock offers multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, Analog and Cellular.

Biometric Units

Biometric units represent the next generation of time and attendance solutions. They make use of an employee’s unique fingerprint to record real-time punch entries.

Eliminate the costly expense of “buddy punching” by adding Print Reader to your Badge Terminal. Print Reader is an add-on biometric device for Badge Terminal that offers the sophistication of biometric labor tracking with the simplicity of “plug and play” hardware.