TASC Card - Participant Benefits

TASC Card: MyBenefits. MyCash. MyWay.

The innovative TASC Card gives you choice, control, and convenience. The TASC Card streamlines the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, removes the hassles of paperwork, and protects you against embarrassing declines.

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Log in to MyTASC ( and click Manage My Card to view cardholder information, reissue a card, view allowed benefits, request a PIN, and request a card for your spouse or dependent.

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Healthcare benefits you know and love! Log in to your MyTASC account and click View Account Overview to see recent benefits account activity.

As always, the TASC Card provides a convenient method to pay for eligible healthcare, dependent care, and/or transportation expenses. The TASC Card works at healthcare merchants eligible under your Plan and other merchants with a healthcare inventory system in place. Healthcare merchants include doctors, dentists, vision care facilities, and other locations that sell only medical services and products. At the point of purchase, the healthcare inventory system automatically approves the purchase of eligible items and deducts from the your MyBenefits account. (For a list of merchants with the healthcare inventory system, visit

  • Provides easy reimbursement for eligible expenses with the swipe of the card.
  • Auto-substantiates eligible expenses, eliminating requests for reimbursement. A great time saver!
  • Gives your dependents (spouse, adult child, etc.) the ability to draw funds from your benefits account.
  • Lets you easily track expenses and reimbursements online.


When you submit a request for reimbursement for an eligible employee benefits expense, the reimbursement is deposited in your MyCash account. You can access your MyCash funds in three ways: (1) swipe your TASC Card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard, Maestro, or NYCE cards, (2) withdraw at an ATM (with a PIN) using the TASC Card, and (3) transfer to a personal bank account from MyTASC.

  • Deposits a benefit account reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses directly into this account. No more waiting for reimbursement checks to arrive by mail.
  • Provides a convenient online site to easily track card activity (MyTASC).
  • Ensures control over spending. Funds can be spent any way, anywhere—just swipe the TASC Card at any retailer that accepts Mastercard, Maestro, or NYCE cards.
  • Lets you transfer funds to a personal checking or savings account when and how it's convenient for you, or withdraw at an ATM with a PIN.

NOTE: Currently the TASC Card is not accepted for MyCash (non-FSA) purchases at CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and ShopKo, or for pay-at-the-pump purchases.


Anywhere, anyhow, any way!

With two accounts on one card, the TASC Card is more versatile than ever!

  • Avoid embarrassing declines. MyCash funds (if available), can be used to pay for eligible expenses if no funds are available in your MyBenefits account.
  • Purchase retail and healthcare items together in one transaction. The TASC Card is smart enough to know that expenses eligible under your benefits plan are automatically deducted from your MyBenefits account while ineligible expenses are withdrawn from your MyCash account (if funds are available). No longer must eligible and ineligible expenses be paid with two different forms of payment.
  • Transfer funds in MyCash to a personal bank account. You may set up a quick, one-time, recurring, or automatic transfer at any time, to any bank account, and in any amount up to the MyCash fund balance from MyTASC.
  • Save money. Use your MyCash account as a "special stash" in which your reimbursements accumulate until you need them for a vacation or shopping spree.

Some merchants may have developed and utilized their own inventory approval system instead of using IIAS. In those circumstances, these independent systems may not be able to access MyCash or split purchases between your MyBenefits and your MyCash accounts.


TASC Card: MyBenefits. MyCash. MyWay.