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Educate Participants

Use these materials to inform your employees about Universal Benefit Account.

Participant Experience Flyer – Highlights of what awaits your participants with Universal Benefit Account!

FSA Participant Benefits – Save money with FSA pretax benefit accounts.

FSA Carryover

FSA Grace Period

Limited Purpose FSA Benefits – For participants with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

HSA Participant Benefits – Save money and invest for future with an HSA pretax benefit account.

Commuter Benefits – Save money on work-related transit and/or parking expenses.

Eligible Expenses – A partial list of reimbursable expenses for various accounts.

Dependent Care FSA Qualifications – Use pretax dollars to pay for eligible dependent care expenses.

TASC Card Flyer – The benefits of the TASC Card and MyCash Account

TASC Mobile App Guide – How to find the app, sign on, and use features

Cash Threshold Waiver/Reinstate Form – For Funded HRA, Retiree Medical Trust, and VEBA

ICHRA Materials

Abbreviated ICHRA Model Notice – This notice is required to be distributed annually to eligible employees 90 days before benefit effective date. In addition to explaining the Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA), the primary purpose of this notice is to inform eligible employees how the ICHRA affects premium tax credits. This information will help employees decide whether to participate in the ICHRA or opt out. This notice should be distributed no later than the date the employee is first eligible to participate in the ICHRA, if that employee is not eligible to participate at the beginning of the plan year or when the notice is provided to other participants. If the ICHRA is put in place less than 120 days before the beginning of the first plan year, the notice for that first plan year should be provided no later than the date on which the ICHRA is first effective for the participant.

ICHRA Model Notice

ICHRA Model Attestations

ICHRA Substantiation - Employer Responsibilities – This document explains the employer responsibilities as to 1) the annual substantiation of any participant's individual health insurance coverage and 2) ongoing substantiation of the participant's individual health insurance coverage on a monthly basis.

ICHRA Affordability Determination and Non Discrim Rules

Qualified Small Employer HRA (QSEHRA) Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Essential Coverage Notice – This notice is required to be given to employees on a annual basis and among other things advises the employee if they do not have minimum essential health coverage during any given month their reimbursements from the QSEHRA will be taxable.

90 Day Notice – This notice is required to be distributed annually to eligible employees by any employer who offers a QSEHRA. For new QSEHRAs this notice should be sent prior to the QSEHRA plan going into effect. For an existing QSEHRA plan this should be sent at least 90 days before the calendar year. For those employees that are not eligible at the beginning of the year, the notice should be provided on or before the date they become eligible for the plan.

Other Resources

TASC Overview – Learn more about the most innovative and trustworthy administrator in the industry, plus a first look at the groundbreaking Universal Benefit Account.

Cube – Take an interactive look at the variety of accounts available with Universal Benefit Account.

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"How-To" Videos

Using the funding report.


Using the enrollment report.

How to upload a file.

How to add an enrollment.

How to upload data files.

How to terminate employees.

How to setup and assign user access.

How to manage employee information.


How to verify contributions.

How to add individual employees.