Continuous Improvement Helps Us To Serve You Better Every Year

1975: Don Rashke creates the business Insurance Center Agency in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, which eventually becomes Insurance Center Administrators.
1983: Dan Rashke joins his fathers' business as a part-time salesman. FlexSystem is created.
1986: AgriPlan and BizPlan are established. Both products draw upon Internal Revenue Code Section 105, which allows qualifying self-employment individuals (small business owners) to deduct from their taxes 100% of their family healthcare expenses. Clients are small business owners and independent farmers who average $4,000 a year in tax savings.
1995: Insurance Center Administrators become TASC and builds a headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin; Dan Rashke becomes the CEO and President of TASC.
2001: COBRAToday joins the TASC suite of products. Both federal and state continuation benefits are administered by the Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) administration service.
2002: DirectPay is added, offering Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) administration for small and mid-sized businesses.
2006: RetireEez is implemented, allowing self-employed small business owners to take advantage of a tax-favored retirement plan.
2008: TASC launches ERISAEdge. This Plan ensures compliance with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) rules and regulations.
2009: FMLAMatters is added. This cutting-edge program helps employers decipher the complexity of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration. TASC releases its own TASC-branded benefits card, the TASC Card.
2010: Retiree Billing is added to administer the healthcare benefits of retirees, and handles plan enrollment, eligibility and review.
2010: AgriPlanNOW and BizPlanNOW are the new faces of AgriPlan and BizPlan. The revamped Plans package several services together to help Clients protect their tax savings while complying with new Healthcare Reform regulations.
2011: TASC releases PayPath, a comprehensive payroll and tax reporting service that will integrate seamlessly with employers' other benefits accounts. TASC makes history with the introduction of the first-ever duo account benefits card, the TASC Card featuring MyBenefits and MyCash. The company extends its local reach with the acquisitions of Hirsch Financial Services (HFS) Benefits in Baltimore, Maryland, and FlexCorp in Birmingham, Alabama.
2012: TASC begins to market its own full-service Health Savings Account product, TASC HSA. In addition, the company adds numerous insurance carriers to its innovative Claim ConneX feature, simplifying the claims reimbursement process for thousands of Clients and Participants around the country. A third regional office is established with the acquisition of Benesyst in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2013: The company continues to grow with the introduction of three compliance service offerings: Form 5500 Preparation, Non-Discrimination Testing, and PCORI, and the acquisition of Genesis Employee Benefits in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2014: The year begins strongly with the signing of three new acquisitions: Elkin & Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina, CieloStar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and GiveBack in Stamford, Connecticut. TASC continues to build and expand its suite of benefits administration services for Microbusiness and Group Clients.
2015: TASC celebrated its 40th Anniversary! An expert in benefit account management, benefit continuation services, and compliance services, the company now offers more than 21 innovative service offerings.