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Benefit Account Planning For You

For years, you have trusted TASC to deliver the smartest, easiest and most connected benefits account management services on the market. With Universal Benefit Account®, you have endless accounts at your fingertips to meet your employee benefit needs. The problem you face, is that you may not even know all the benefit accounts you can offer through the Universal Benefit Account. We understand your challenge and have an answer!

With TASC’s Plan Advisor, current TASC clients now have access to an advisor, who can help you plan, select and tackle important employee benefit account decisions as your business evolves. With an ability to tailor benefits account specifically for you, the Plan Advisor provides you with an amazing array of choices through the Universal Benefit Account that will help you attract and retain employees.

Your advisor will help you develop a thorough understanding of where you are today and where you want to be in the future. We’ll start by:

  • Establishing a clear view of your benefit offerings
  • Helping you understand your benefit account and feature options with Universal Benefit Account
  • Working with you to set a plan in motion with the appropriate accounts

Rest assured, that our advisors will only recommend account offerings and features that fit your needs.  Our advisors will not sell you additional services, this is a consultation-focused service intended to help you achieve your goals. 

By partnering with an advisor, you will benefit from:

  • Access to foremost experts on employee benefit account configuration, attributes, features, and uses.
  • Free consultation and needs assessment to build a plan to meet your employee benefit goals.
  • Help with choosing the most appropriate accounts and features based on your priorities and needs
  • Access to case studies showing how employers have designed their benefit plans to meet their needs.
  • Help with building a plan for you to provide for the people who matter, your employees.  

By working with a plan advisor, you will be sure to get full value from Universal Benefit Account.

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To work with a plan advisor who is committed to help you become an employer of choice by offering the best employee benefit package you can. To learn more, visit the TASC website at, or contact TASC's Benefit Account Management Plan Advisor line directly at 833-433-1002.