Help your employees pay for unexpected expenses in times of need.

An assortment of benefit accounts to help employees with unexpected expenses that incur during times of need – all available on Universal Benefit Account®.

Each of these accounts are employer-funded and employer-designated, meaning, you set your own terms and conditions in the plan design. They are a way to assist your employees during trying times and help build a community of caring.

View more information on plan design configurations, election changes and compliance around emergencies. 

Relief Funds

Emergency Expense Reimbursement Account 

Help cover unforeseen costs during an emergency. You determine eligible items for reimbursement based on emergency circumstances or a triggering event.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.


Emergency Loan Account

Offer an interest-free loan with immediate access to borrowed funds via the TASC Card. You set the terms of the loan and are responsible for all collections. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.

Employee Crisis Fund Account
(tax-advantaged or non-tax advantaged)

Set aside funding to grant money to employees struck by a personal hardship or crisis. You choose taxable or tax-advantaged.

Funding Arrangement: If employee contributions are accepted, the employer administers and sends funds to TASC. 


Disaster Relief Funding Account

Create point-in-time donation funding for a specific charity during emergencies.

Funding Arrangement: If employee contributions are accepted, the employer administers and sends funds to TASC. 


Employer Medical Credit Account

Help employees get money to pay for unexpected medical, dental and vision expenses that exceed FSA or HSA funds while keeping them fully employed. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded. 


Emergency Medical Loan Account

Offer emergency funds to those in need for qualifying healthcare expenses at any time during the benefit plan year. You set the terms of the loan and are responsible for all collections. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.

Emergency Expense HRA

Reimburse all 213(d) medical expenses including additional copays, prescriptions and other out-of-pockets costs. Can set this up as a Limited Purpose HRA to pair with an HSA. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.



Home Office Account

Reimburse for the cost of qualified office equipment and supplies necessary to sufficiently equip their home office or workstation.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.


Office Supplies Expense Reimbursement Account

Reimburse for specific office supplies for working remotely - this account is a more selective version of the Home Office Account.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.

Work Clothes Account

Reimburse for required clothing required including uniforms and safety items such as protective goggles, gloves, or shoes.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.


Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account

Help employees pay for temporary care for their dependents, young and old, when regular care falls through.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.



Giving Savings Account

Provide an opportunity to save money for charitable causes, but still allow access to funds in case of an emergency.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee-funded.


Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Individual Giving Account

Give to any of thousands of 501(c)3 organizations with a one-time or recurring donation via post-tax paycheck deduction. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee-funded.

Crisis PTO Account

Allow employees to donate their own PTO hours to a bank made available to other employees in need during a crisis.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee donation of PTO hours.


Life Event PTO Account

Give additional PTO time to employees during times of crisis or unplanned life events. PTO hours are donated by other employees.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee donation of PTO hours

Partial Universal Deduction Giving Account

Help employees use the CARES Act $300 total charitable deduction donation to count toward the 2020 additional tax deduction. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee-funded.



Financial Wellness

Income Continuation Account

Help employees bridge the gap of unpaid time during the waiting period before short-term disability coverage begins. 

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.


 Emergency Savings Account

Give employees an easy way to put away money for a rainy day funded by regular payroll deductions or deposits.

 Funding Arrangement: 100% Employee-funded.

Student Loan Reimbursement Account

Help employees paying student loans. Qualifying payments are excluded from the employee's taxable income up to $5,250.

Funding Arrangement: 100% Employer-funded.



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