TASC Health Savings Account

Fight rising health insurance costs and add depth to the employee benefits package

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged savings account that is used in combination with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to offer employees a new way to manage their healthcare.

Since 2003, these Plans have been the fastest growing employee benefit. Why the popularity? Simply put, HSAs make good sense. Besides helping employers reduce their health insurance costs, when HSAs are in place, employers add depth to their employee benefits and keep more money in their pockets. More and more employers are choosing this consumer driven healthcare account to empower their employees.

Why Offer an HSA?

With HSAs, both employers and employees make payroll contributions to pay for current and future eligible medical expenses. Contributed funds are tax-free to employees and tax deductible for employers.

HSAs Offer a Triple Tax Advantage!

  1. Federal tax deductions on contributions
  2. Tax-free growth on invested funds
  3. Tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses

For employers, an HSA creates tax savings! Hidden fees and risks associated with the reimbursement process are eliminated. Furthermore, through a High Deductible Plan, employers can reduce health insurance costs. With an HSA, employers have the ability to provide employees with more control over their healthcare.

Why Choose TASC HSA (Full Service)?

With TASC HSA Full Service Plan, employers can fight rising health insurance costs, promote healthy lifestyles, and offer greater depth and flexibility in their benefits packages! These three concerns are priorities for our HSA Plan, a full-service solution that provides comprehensive administration, compliance, and investment management services.

Enrolled employees enjoy the ease and control of managing their TASC HSA and funds with secure online access 24/7/365 through our TASC HSA website. We offer fast reimbursements, easy access to funds, and integrated resources to help employees/participants manage their HSA and investment account(s).

Our industry leading solution provides these powerful features:

  • Multiple Contribution Methods: employers choose the best method for making contributions to employee accounts using automated scheduling of lump sum, first of the month, or payroll cycle contributions; mid-year enrollments are easily handled.
  • Monthly Reports: generated automatically with email alerts directing recipients to secure portals for viewing—creating a virtually paper-free administration process.
  • Web-Based, Fully Integrated Portals: allow 24/7/365 access to account information (
  • Employee Education Materials: available by request.
  • Multiple Top-Rated Investment Options: maximizes the future value of the funds; no fees for trades.
  • Easy Online Enrollment: online account management through which employees establish their TASC HSA account and set up their direct deposit and investment accounts.
  • Easy Online Bill Pay: online distribution requests give employees direct access to their funds; sent to employees via direct deposit or mailed check.
  • Benefits Debit Card: employees receive the TASC HSA Visa® debit card upon Plan enrollment; provides a convenient way to pay for eligible out-of-pocket HSA expenses. 

Limited HSA and Plan Only HSA

As an alternative to a full-service HSA, employers may choose to offer a Limited HSA or a Plan Only HSA.

Limited HSA

With the Limited HSA, Participants (employees) establish their own separate HSA custodial account with a financial institution of their choice. Participants must make sure their chosen financial institution can accept ACH (automatic clearing house) electronic transfers of funds into the account.

After the custodial account is set up, the employee enrolls in TASC HSA and is set up in our system for the administration of contributions. Employees work directly with their elected financial institution to maintain their Limited HSA account, and said institution manages reimbursement, account balance, and so on. By directing the funds movement for each payroll period, the Limited HSA frees the Client of most of the administrative work load.

TASC provides the following services for the Limited HSA:

  • Establishment of your Plan(s) on FlexSystem’s specialized software
  • Employee assistance and Communication Kits
  • Online and toll free support
  • Plan Document/Summary Plan Description
  • Complete administrative assistance
  • Direct deposit set-up
  • Adding/changing/terminating employees
  • Annual Section 125 non-discrimination testing
  • Newsletters and technical bulletins
  • Audit Guarantee


Plan Only HSA

In the Plan Only HSA, the Client purchases HSA Plan compliance through TASC. TASC maintains the Plan Document required by the IRS, and the HSA is fully-funded with pre-tax (including FICA) contributions. Clients in turn choose a financial institution of their choice, and handles the Plan’s funds management and other administrative elements.

TASC provides the following services for the Plan Only HSA:

  • Establishment of your Plan(s) on FlexSystem’s specialized software
  • Plan Document/Summary Plan Description
  • Annual Section 125 non-discrimination testing
  • Compliance guidance
  • Toll free support

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TASC Health Savings Account