A New Way to Manage Benefits

Why enroll in benefits?

There are lots of great reasons to participate in benefits: tax savings, planning ahead, and more... but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe a video would say it better? See how our friend Michelle uses her benefits throughout a typical day...  Meet Michelle.

Get started on enrollment... 

✔ Sign up and sign in to www.tasconline.com. See the Universal Benefit Account Access flyer for directions.

✔ Read the Participant Reference Guide to learn about Universal Benefit Account and your benefit accounts. We also have this guide in Spanish.

✔ Check your account to make sure everything is correct. This includes dependent information and bank accounts in your profile.

Need additional support?

Sign in to Universal Benefit Account (www.tasconline.com) and submit a Support Request.

Call us at 1-800-422-4661.



   Benefit Spotlight! Learn more about two common benefit accounts...


Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HC FSA)

Put more money in your pocket by reducing your taxable income!

Contribute pretax dollars to pay for common expenses including:

  • Medical or dental office visit copays
  • Dental or orthodontia care services
  • Prescriptions and vaccinations
  • Eye exams and prescription lenses and contacts
  • Over the counter medicines like Advil, ibuprofen, etc.
  • And other FSA Eligible Expenses.

Why enroll?

Save money! For every $1 you contribute to your Healthcare FSA, your taxable income reduces by $1 - increasing your net check.

Learn more

Healthcare FSA [52 second video]

Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]



Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DC FSA)

Read the Dependent Care Qualifications flyer to make sure you qualify!

A Dependent Care FSA lets you use pretax dollars from your paycheck to cover things like:

  • Preschool costs
  • Before and after school programs
  • Child and adult day care
  • Summer camps
  • And more!

Check the DCFSA Eligible Expenses list for additional details.

Why enroll?

Save money! If you have children in day care or are taking care of an elderly relative, you can save an average of $100 a month!

Learn more

Dependent Care FSA [52 second video]

Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]


Other benefits you might like

Have to use public transportation to commute or pay to park? Transit and Parking accounts offer a pretax way to pay for these expenses. Learn more. [2.5 minute video]

Want to easily donate to your favorite charity? A Giveback Workplace Giving account takes one-time or recurring deductions from your paycheck and places it in a savings account where you donate to the things that mean the most to you. Learn more. [1 minute, 16 second video]

Included features when you enroll...

Check out the exciting features built into Universal Benefit Account to improve your benefits experience:

  • Identity Theft Protection - all enrolled participants receive this free - up  to $25,000 protection for losses due to you or a family member's theft of identity
  • Pay the Provider (online) and Picture to Pay (app) - no need fill out reimbursement requests, take a picture and upload it online or in the app, we'll take care of the rest.
  • MyCash - if you need to request a reimbursement, this is the fastest way to get your money back. We put those funds in a separate account on your TASC Card and you can use the money anywhere Mastercard is accepted.