The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to extend group health benefits to employees (and their families) who lose health benefits due to specific qualifying events.

Let TASC Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders! We take care of the necessary communications, notices, forms, record keeping, and even premium collection.
Single Sign-On with Access to Everything.Manage your UBA benefit plan and continuation accounts within one experience, which means no more toggling between systems!

Participants Pay Their Way. Participants can use TASC Card or any other major credit/debit card for premium payments, set up auto-pay or choose to print and send coupons with check via mail - and they can do it "on the go" through the app

When you choose TASC to administer COBRA you will see considerable cost savings over administering in-house. We offer easy-to-use online tools and services for complete plan management 24/7. 

  • Access comprehensive web portal and mobile app.
  • Track service requests and check service activity.
  • Access easy-to-understand account reports.
  • Manage the collection of COBRA premium payments.
  • Access reports, forms, and online submissions.
  • Access to experienced employee benefits professionals.

Retiree Billing

Retiree Billing aids employers in offering employees the opportunity to “continue” benefits when they retire. The benefits most frequently continued are usually similar to those covered by COBRA such as healthcare related coverages. Plans can also include other benefits such as such as life and disability insurance policies.

Offering sound retirement options helps clients hold on to key employees. Retiree Billing is a tool many clients use as part of building strong retirement plans. TASC can help take the administrative work off of employers' plates and help them hold onto key employees while they take care of running their business.

Our solution includes:

  • Enrollment assistance and materials.
  • Retiree assistance and customer care
  • Review of company retiree policies.
  • Management of plan eligibility.
  • Multiple methods available for collecting premiums from the retiree.
  • Seamless coordination with insurance carriers.

State Continuation

State Continuation Coverage refers to state specific laws that have been enacted that require employers within that state to allow employees to continue healthcare benefits after they experience qualifying events. Qualifying events are often similar to those provided for in COBRA.

  • State continuation laws do not and cannot reduce any of the COBRA federally mandated benefits for employers with 20 or more FTEs.
  • However, if a state law is more favorable for individuals, then state law supersedes or can add on to COBRA. State laws provide additional requirements for the employers that are subject to those laws.
  • Generally State Continuation laws govern employers that are within the state where the insurance policies are written.
  • State Continuation only applies to employers who are fully insured.

Keeping up with regulatory requirements and changes can be time consuming and costly. And, if an employer misses a step, the fines and litigation expenses can add up quickly. TASC can help temployers remain compliant and take administrative work off their plate so they can get back to doing what they do best, running their business.

Direct Billing

Direct Billing provides employers a mechanism for their employees to continue their benefits if for some reason they would normally come to an end. This program is used to bill employees for some or all of the costs of their benefits that are being continued and can be anything associated to a plan and premium.

TASC can help with billing and administration for the continuation of benefits, based on the criteria or program established by the employer.

Leave of Absence 

Leave of Absence (LOA) aids in offering employees the opportunity to “continue” benefits when they will be away from their job for a period of time, which can help employers retain valuable employees.

Note: For clarification, Leave of Absence for Continuation Service and Leave of Absence for FMLA, except for the name are two totally different topics.

Holding on to key employees is getting tougher and tougher in today's job Market. When they have to leave their employer for a short period of time, Leave of Absence is a tool that can help employers retain key employees. TASC can help take the administrative work off their plate and help them hold onto key employees while they take care of running their business.

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Current COBRA/Continuation Accounts clients and participants: Please call 1-800-422-4661 for assistance.


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