TASC Cares

Our Corporate Philanthropy

We have a long-standing commitment to supporting our community and those less fortunate. We are privileged to share our success and give back to those in need.

Giving back is engrained in who we are. Our support aligns to our communities' needs, harnesses our employee' passions, and supports the TASC Mission. We hope to lead by example and inspire others to make a difference as well.

Our philanthropy strategy has two focus areas:

Employee-championed: Requests for support of organizations in which our employees are actively involved.

Mission-aligned: Requests from organizations aligned to our focus areas of health, education, and basic needs.

  • Health: We support organizations and programs dedicated to equitable access to health care for underserved populations, supporting families facing critical illnesses or who have experienced trauma, and ensuring mental health resources and care.
  • Education: We support programs focused on academic success and educational attainment of students from kindergarten to high school graduation that reduces the opportunity gap and equips students to graduate career and community ready. 
  • Essential Needs: Food and housing insecurity are both deeply connected to health and education challenges. Living on the street or in a homeless shelter exacerbates existing health problems and can cause new ones. We provide financial support to organizations addressing housing and/or food insecurity with preference given to organizations who have a health or education connection.

TASC has enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship with United Way. Our CEO Dan Rashke has served as past Key Club chairperson and as the Campaign Chair of United Way of Dane County. We have received multiple awards of appreciation including: Gold, Silver, Best Practice, Community Chest and Red Feather awards and the Award of Distinction. 

What we fund: Within the focus areas listed above, our charitable contributions can be used for event sponsorship, program support, administrative costs, or capacity building. Average grant size is around $2,500, and applications should be submitted at least two months prior to when funds are needed. 

Requesting Funding: Reach out to CARES with any questions or to learn more about our funding process. 

Below are just a few of the organizations we've been honored to support: