Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you making this update?

Making the update to our new card processing platform will allow TASC to have better management of your transactions. In addition, you'll get access to a digital copy of your card online and via the mobile app.

Can I opt out?

No, this change is not optional. If you currently have a TASC Card, we will need to replace it with a new card issued for the new card processing platform. Note this applies to all cards issued for your account, including spouse/dependent cards.

What do I need to do?

Just make sure your address on file is correct! To meet our processing timelines, all address updates need to be completed by April 19, 2024. You can refer to this flyer for instructions:

TC-6791 How To Update Your Address

When will I receive my new card(s)?

You will receive your new card(s) in the mail 7-10 business days after the reissue date (TBD). You will receive a communication prior to the reissuing of your card, informing you when you can expect your new card to be mailed.

Are you deactivating my old card before I receive my new card?

In order for us to generate new cards and ensure financial integrity, your old card(s) must be deactivated when the new cards are issued. However, you can still access your benefit account funds:

  • Any eligible expenses incurred prior to receiving your new card(s) are eligible for reimbursement. Simply submit a request online or via the mobile app. Once the reimbursement funds are in MyCash, schedule a transfer to your bank account.
  • Additionally, you will have access to a digital version of you card as soon as your new card is mailed.



How do I get a TASC Card?

Once your employer elects the TASC Card feature, a card will be sent to you at your address on file with TASC.

Who can obtain a TASC Card?

You will receive a TASC Card automatically and can receive one additional card for a spouse or dependent at no cost. You can request two more cards (for a total of four), however, the two additional cards are $10 a piece. You can request these cards online in your TASC account. 

How long does it take to receive a TASC Card?

Typically cards are received within 10-14 business days of request/plan inception.

I received my TASC Card. Do I need to activate it?

No, simply swipe it for an eligible expense. The card goes live on the first successful swipe.

How long is my TASC Card good for?

Your TASC Card is good for four years. So hang on to it! Even if you deplete this year’s funds, you’ll be able to use the TASC Card again next year when you re-enroll. NOTE: If you throw out or lose your card before it expires, a $10 reissue fee will apply.

What do I do if my card is damaged?

You may request to have your TASC Card reissued online or calling TASC Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661. A $10 fee is charged for replacing a damaged card.

What if my TASC Card is lost or stolen?

You can lock your TASC Card from being used with the Card Lock feature online or in the TASC app. You can also call Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661. You also need to notify us of any suspected fraud within 10 days. You may request that your TASC Card be reissued. A $10 fee is charged for replacing a lost or stolen card.


How do I get money in my benefits account?

When you participate in your empployer's benefit plan (FSA, HSA, HRA) and make an annual election the benefit accounts will be funded. The benefit may be funded by your employer, as is the case with an HRA, or it may be funded entirely by you through payroll deduction, as is the case with an FSA or HSA.

How do I get money in my cash account?

If you pay out of pocket for an eligible healthcare expense you can submit a request for reimbursement and when it pays, the funds deposit into your MyCash account. Funds in MyCash may be accessed with the swipe of the TASC Card, withdrawn at an ATM, or transferred to a personal account. Funds in MyCash are not tied to any type of Plan year and do not expire. 

How long does it take to receive a reimbursement in MyCash?

Requests are processed each business day so reimbursements should post to your MyCash account within 48-72 hours.


How do I change or update my personal information?

The easiest way to update your profile is to visit your account online. You may also contact Customer Care
at 1-800-422-4661.

How do I view my account activity?

You can view accounts online or via the TASC app. You can see balances, transaction history, submit requests for reimbursement and submit Support Requests.

Will I receive a paper statement?

No. Your account history is available online or on the TASC app; you may print this information as needed.

Can I dispute a transaction on my TASC Card?

Yes. If a transaction is in question, please contact TASC promptly to determine appropriate action. TASC has a solid dispute process established with Mastercard, with strict guidelines about the timeframe required in which to submit disputes.

Can my TASC Card have a negative balance?

No. Expenditures cannot exceed the account balance. If the amount due exceeds the balance in your account, you must use another payment method to pay the difference. In the rare event of merchant error or misconduct that results in a negative balance, your card will be temporarily deactivated immediately and you will be notified of the required corrective action. You are liable for any negative balance (except for fraudulent transactions).


Where can I use my TASC Card?

At healthcare merchants with a healthcare Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) in place including doctors, dentists, vision care facilities, and other locations that sell medical services/products. The IIAS automatically approves purchase of eligible items from your benefits account(s) at the point of purchase. This system allows for a set of eligible items standard from merchant to merchant. For a list of IIAS certified merchants, visit

You may access your MyCash funds at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. You may also withdraw your funds at an ATM with a PIN. 

How does the TASC Card work?

Just swipe your TASC Card when making a purchase and the card will automatically determine the following: (1) how you are using your TASC Card, whether as a signature debit card (benefits or MyCash) or as an ATM card (MyCash only), (2) the MyBenefits eligibility of each item you are purchasing, and (3) which account to use.

Do I need to save my receipts?

Yes. For some expenses, TASC or the IRS may require additional information to verify eligibility. Be sure to provide them promptly when requested. If you fail to submit documentation, TASC will declare those expenses ineligible and you’ll have to reimburse your account. This could jeopardize the tax-exempt status of your account .

Can I use my TASC Card at the ATM?

Yes, if you have funds available in MyCash. ATM/bank fees may apply.  


What fees are associated with TASC Card?

The only fees that may be associated is if you use an ATM to access MyCash funds and the ATM holder charges a usage fee. 

If I terminate with my employer, can I continue to use my TASC Card?

Your benefit accounts terminate on your last day. Your MyCash account will remain available to you through the TASC Card as long as a balance remains in that account. (A $5.00 monthly Cash Account Access Service Fee will be deducted from your MyCash account each month until all funds are depleted.)


Since the TASC Card can be used at an ATM to access MyCash funds, is a PIN required for ATM usage?

Yes. If you plan to use the TASC Card at ATMs, you must first contact TASC for a PIN.

How do I know what funds are available in each of my accounts?

You may check balances online, on the TASC app, via the interactive voice response (IVR) phone system, or by calling Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661.

Can I have my reimbursement funds direct deposited into my bank account? 

Yes. You can receive reimbursements via direct deposit to a personal bank accountwith one-time or recurring transfer at your convenieance. as needed; then you are able to access MyCash funds via your TASC Card at a merchant or ATM until the scheduled transfer is completed. Not electing direct deposit gives you more flexibility in accessing your MyCash funds.

Can I transfer funds from the MyCash account to a personal savings or checking account? 

Yes. You may transfer money from your MyCash account to a personal bank account of your choice. You can set up direct deposit accounts online.

Is there a limit to how much you can transfer from your MyCash account to your bank account?  

Transfers are limited to the available balance in MyCash at the time of the transfer.


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